Simmered Tai head and more at Yururi

Savory Japan is updated for October with a feature on my cousin’s restaurant, Yururi. I promise I’m not including it because of my family ties. After all, Savory Japan has been around since March of 2009 and we’re only now getting around to reviewing it as part of our series on Tokyo.

That said, I probably wouldn’t have found this quiet oasis on busy (some might say gaudy) Romance-dori in Ikebukuro on my own. But visitors will find good food at extremely reasonable prices, especially during lunch. It’s also very much a local’s restaurant with authentic menu items, such as the simmered tai (sea bream) head pictured here.

You might ask what’s in Ikebukuro to warrant a special trip? Well, just minutes away is another hidden gem: A school complex built by Frank Lloyd Wright and his assistant Arata Endo called Myonichikan. Read the article for more.