Sushi Kanesaka: Edomae sushi in Ginza

Everyone is talking about the recent movie “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.” Have you seen it? I found the movie fascinating, and like everyone else, I dream of being lucky enough to dine there one day. However, reservations are made a year in advance, and according the the movie, it costs ¥30,000 for dinner OR lunch. And as much as I’d like to try what critics call the most delicious sushi in Tokyo, I think I’d feel a bit intimidated by Jiro’s stern presence.

We had a chance to dine at Sushi Kanesaka, another Michelin-starred sushi establishment (with two stars) that is much more accessible and highly recommended. Let’s face it; dining at an elite sushi establishment can be an intimidating experience for visitors, but the welcoming chefs and elegant, comfortable room put you at ease.

There, we enjoyed a fantastic lunch course for far less, and enjoyed classic Edomae (Tokyo-style) sushi in a relaxed atmosphere. Read the article to learn more about what fans call “Kanesaka style” sushi.