Serious tempura from Osaka: Yotaro Honten

We’re back from an extended visit to Japan, where we ventured outside our normal route, sampling soba in Nagano, unusual types of fish in Hagi, and okonomiyaki in Hiroshima. We also tried a few places in Osaka, a regional section on Savory Japan that is woefully underdeveloped. Happily, this time we came upon a place we could energetically recommend: Yotaru Honten, serving Osaka-style tempura for four generations, since 1921.

If it’s tempura, why do we show a photo of a big fish on rice, you ask? Well, the other specialty of the house is taimeshi (sea bream rice), and it’s worth ordering ahead of time. Both rice and tempura are honest, direct and full of soul. This two-Michelin star restaurant is full of integrity. Read more.