Sakura: Beauty & Sadness

It’s April 1, and the sakura (cherry blossoms) have just started to bloom in Tokyo & Kyoto. According to the sakura forecast, the peak is expected to be April 14th in Tokyo and 15th in Kyoto. But this year’s festival will unlike any other, for the aftermath of the tragic March 11 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster permeates the country, even in those regions untouched by its physical effects. It will be solemn, somber and imbued with a special poignancy. A time to reflect upon the blossoms’ fleeting beauty and the transience they represent.

Reflecting upon this idea, we’ve posted Sakura: Beauty & Sadness on Savory Japan. It’s a tribute to the people of Japan and their great courage and strength during the largest natural disaster in our nation’s history. We mourn the loss of the beautiful Matsushima coast and its’ ancient villages tucked along its craggy shores. We are all left to wonder how we can possibly help, and how we can give back to the Northeast– a place that has long nourished us with the bounty of its pristine waters and fertile fields. It seems impossible, but we can at least try.