Winter Warm-ups: Amazake, Green Tea and Kinako Latte

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty tired of winter. It might be early spring in some parts of the globe, but here in Chicago it’s still cold.

Here’s a way to enjoy (or at least endure) cold days. For this month’s Savory Kyoto, we feature some traditional (and not so traditional) winter brews that are guaranteed to warm you through and through.  The recipes include Amazake, a sweet and boozy concoction made of sake-kasu, which is the stuff that is leftover from making sake.

Not your style? (Amazake is not a favorite of mine either) Perhaps Green Tea, a sweetened drink made with matcha (powdered green tea), or a Kinako Latte (kinako is a delicious, nutty roasted soybean powder) would be more to your liking. Both recipes have only a few ingredients and couldn’t be any easier. And they’re delicious enough to make you forget about coffee for at least a while.