Savory Japan for September: Kyubey and Kappabashi

Some of you have noticed that we at Savory Japan spend far too much time in Kyoto. The evidence is right there in the Travel section: 12 articles on Kyoto and only a handful elsewhere. We’re addressing this inequity by shifting the spotlight to Tokyo for the next few months. And what better to kick off the series than a review of Kyubey, a stellar sushiya (sushi establishment) serving classic  Edo-mae sushi?

We also have a photo essay on Kappabashi, a neighborhood comprised of a few blocks centering on Kappabashi-dori (street) that is nicknamed “kitchen town”. If you’re a fan of food, it’s a fun stop on any Tokyo itinerary.

The two articles also sport a new look: heavy on photos and lighter in text, to cater to the trend of readers on the net. But don’t worry, the long, in-depth articles are still there for back-up when you want more information.

I’d be curious to know if you like the new look. We intend to vary the layouts in the upcoming months, depending on the subject.

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