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Karuizawa is only a little over an hour from Tokyo via shinkansen, but is a world away.

Above: Chef Noriyuki Hamada is a rising star. Above, left: An assortment of appetizers. Below: An assortment of roasted pork: Shoulder, offal, loin andbelly
Roasted pork
Amuse bouche at Yukawatan
Edible seedling sashimi canape
appetizers soup
Above, clockwise from top left: An edible arrangment of chocolaet (earth);sashimi with caviar; Black truffle foam; Saku-goi (carp) and foie gras terrine with "Ume" plum confiture. Below, clockwise from top left: Shrimp and seafood terrine; Yamane fish fritter with okahijiki (seaweed) on a gumbo sauce; Peaches pressure-cooked with white wine jelly; Roasted Shinshu chicken breast with seasonal vegetables.
Carp and foie gras terrine Yamane fish fritter
Shinshu chicken Peaches with white wine jelly
Petis fours
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