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In Season: The Calendar of Shun
When complete, this section will include a monthly calendar of the seasonal shifts of shun. There is no equivalent to the word shun in the English vocabulary, but it is a key concept in Japanese food culture. Shun is the exact moment when food is at its peak of flavor: when a vegetable is at its most delicious; fruit at its peak of fragrant sweetness and when mushrooms are at their most tasty. It is the time when various kinds of fish can be caught during their annual migration up and down Japan's coasts, and when they are at their most flavorful.

Here we take a look at the Japanese growing season and feature foods at their shun. We'll feature fruit, vegetables and fish on a monthly basis, adding them to the calendar as we go.

Kicking off this section, we start with the start of the Japanese calendar year: April.

Read more about shun in the culture section.

autumn shun

Autumn bounty: chestnuts and yuzu (citron)