Tofu 1 pkg.
White fish, such as halibut 50 g
Yamaimo (mountain yam) 50 g
Egg yolks 2 ea.
Oil 40 g
Carrot 40 g
Kikurage (cloud ear fungus) 30 g
Dry shiitake, soaked in water 30 g
Burdock 30 g
Yurine (lily root) 10 ea.
Ginkgo nut 10 ea.
Salt 1 g
Oil as needed
Salt 1 g
Dashi 70 g
Mirin 10 g
Soy sauce 10 g
Bonito flakes 10 g
Konbu 10 g
Ginger 1 block (15g)
Kuzu as needed


Hirousu (Deep Fried Tofu Ball with Vegetables)

Recipe credit: Kunio Tokuoka, as presented at the 2010 Worlds of Flavor conference.
Published with permission of the author. All rights reserved.

1. Put the tofu in boiling water and and drain over cheesecloth. Allow the tofu to air-dry.
2. Cut the carrots into 2 centimeter julienne and the burdock into pencil cut (or short julienne cut); sauté. Rehydrate the kikurage in water and cut to 2 centimeter julienne. Cut the shiitake into 3 centimeter pieces. Cut the lily root to 3 centimeter dice and steam for 2 minutes. Deep-fry the ginkgo nut and cut in half.
3. Grate the yamaimo.
4. Break 2 egg yolks in a bowl and mix with the olive oil to make mayonnaise.
5. Place the tofu in a food processor and pure until paste-like. Add in the grated yamaimo, mayonnaise, and white fish. Combine with the carrot, kikurage, and burdock, and mix.
6. Form the mixture into 10-gram balls, and cook both sides in an oiled sauté pan.
7. In a pot, combine the dashi, mirin, and konbu, and bring to simmer. Just before boiling add the soy sauce and bonito flakes, and bring back to just before boiling point. Strain through thick paper towels.
8. Pour the umami-rich stock made in a pot and thicken with kuzu. Place the grated ginger in cheesecloth and squeeze to get only the juice of the ginger; add into thickened umami stock.
9. In a serving bowl, place one of the grilled balls and cover with the sauce.

Yield: 10 portions