2 cups sushi rice
1 pound of a variety of fresh raw tuna, salmon, tai, etc.
1 tbsp wasabi
soy sauce
gari (vinegared ginger)


Nigiri sushi

I usually like to stand near the sink, where I can continually rinse my hands with cool water. Simply take a spoonful of sushi and cup it in the palm of one hand. With two fingers of your other hand, squeeze into an oblong shape. The size is up to you, but I like to make mine a little smaller than usual; perhaps 1 inch by 2 inches.

I usually find it easier to complete all the nigiri and place them on a serving plate, then placing the wasabi and raw fish atop later. Sushi chefs make each piece as they go, as it is actually more efficient; each piece needs only to be handled once. The method you choose is completely up to you.

Slicing the pieces of raw fish is perhaps the hardest part of making nigiri. Ideally, you should have a sashimi knife, but you can get by with any slender and sharp long bladed knife. Place the fish on the cutting board, and slice diagonally, approximately 1/8” thick, so that you end up with the largest pieces possible. It is best to start slicing at the top end of the blade (near the handle) and making the cut to the tip, in one smooth motion. Don’t worry if you’re not able to do this; it takes years to perfect this technique!

To assemble the nigiri, place the rice in the palm of one hand, placing a small dollop of wasabi on the rice. Then, cover with a piece of fish, and squeeze gently. That’s it!

Serves 4 when served with other dishes