Osechi ryori, Japanese Oshogatsu, or New Years, cuisine. © Kirk Vuillemot, 2009
Risa Sekiguchi. © Kirk Vuillemot, 2009

Risa Sekiguchi hopes to spread the healthful and aesthetic virtues of food from her native country — Japan — to the wider world. She lives in Chicago with her husband Kirk, who takes most of the photographs for Savory Japan. They regularly travel to Japan to meet chefs and artisans, investigate new restaurants, visit kilns and studios and purchase stock for their online gallery for fine Japanese tableware, Mizuya.

Mizuya, Fine Japanese Tableware
Celebrating Autumn

Celebrating the Flavors of Autumn
Autumn is our favorite season for Japanese food. As temperatures fall, we crave hearty soups and savory, long-simmered dishes packed with umami (the fifth taste). It's the season for sweet kabocha (Japanese pumpkin), luscious Japanese mushrooms, chestnuts and meltingly soft kaki (persimmon). We've chosen a few recipes that are perfect match for the season. MORE




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