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This section introduces different styles and traditions of Japanese cuisine, through casual interviews and firsthand encounters with some of Japan’s expert practitioners of the art. Although these introductions could just as well be in the the travel section by region, or even in the recipes section, I decided that this is probably the best place, because this section, learn, is meant for students of Japanese cuisine like me.

In my ongoing investigations of all the permutations of Japanese cuisine, I find that the more I know, the more I realize I know nothing. That’s why I’ll be turning to various experts who have agreed to graciously share their experience with the readers of Savory Japan. The series will start with home cooking, obanzai and washoku, then move on to shojin (vegetarian) and kaiseki cuisine.

Most of the experts featured here have written numerous books that contain recipes and further information. Find links for recommended books on each Masters' page, as well as on the Recommended Reading page.

If you have any requests or suggestions for resources, please contact me.


Elizabeth Andoh Sachiyo Imai Yoshihiro Murata Kunio Tokuoka
Elizabeth Andoh
Sachiyo Imai
Yoshihiro Murata
Kunio Tokuoka


Culinary Institute of Art seminarSeminar
Before a seminar on flavor convergence between Japanese, Spanish and Peruvian cuisine at the CIA's Japan: Flavors of Culture Conference.