The Japanese Diet: the secret to staying slim

For the past few weeks, I’ve noticed more and more people at the gym. It’s virtually as crowded as it was in early January! I suppose it’s because summer is just around the corner and everyone wants to look their best. So we at Savory Japan thought it would be good timing to post an article on health, and how switching to an all-Japanese diet can make you slim without suffering from food cravings, because the cuisine is based on fresh, wholesome, (and in most cases) low-calorie ingredients prepared simply.

We also list six low- and no-calorie foods to help you jump-start your diet, including zero calorie konnyaku, served here as sashimi with creamy miso dressing.

We’ve been sampling too much summer party and picnic food lately, and although potato salad and barbecued ribs are fun to eat and taste great, they’re not for every day. (I’ve gained five pounds in just a few weeks!) So we’re going to take our own advice and get back to basics.



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