May features: Sushi Etiquette and Ippodo Tea Shop

Savory Japan is updated for May, with new articles on sushi etiquette and Ippodo, one of our favorite shops in Kyoto. Ippodo has been around for nearly 300 years, and they have certainly gotten everything right. What impresses us about this venerable Kyoto establishment is its’ user-friendly outlook and welcoming attitude.

Just a small selection of fine green tea at Ippodo

Just a small selection of fine green tea at Ippodo

While they have branches throughout Japan and an excellent English-language website, a visit to the main shop is quite an experience. Read more.

To follow articles on Japan dining etiquette (which mainly covers chopstick use) and drinking etiquette is our third in the series, on sushi etiquette. What this, you might ask? Well, every type of Japanese cuisine has its own peculiar rules, so read on to make sure you aren’t offending your Japanese hosts and dining partners while enjoying sushi. More importantly, this handy guide will also help you get the most out of your sushi experience.

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4 Responses to May features: Sushi Etiquette and Ippodo Tea Shop

  1. Garry Venable says:

    Hi Risa, This note is from Garry and ALexis. We are Brain Newell’s friends and we met you and Kirk at the SOFA show last fall. We really liked you guys and wanted to get to know you better. We’re having a paella party (the first of many) on May 29th and would love it if you can come! I am a serious foodie myself, and I have even been working on Sushi and would love to make sushi with you sometime and get your advise!! I hope this reaches you in time. It was the only way I knew to contact you.
    I really hope you can make it and perhaps we can even meet up for lunch Pilsen sometime.
    I drive down 18th almost every day and I’m getting to know the shops there!
    cheers to spring!

  2. Risa says:

    Hi Garry,

    Nice to hear from you! We remember you well and it seems we have many common interests, including food! And I love paella! May 29 sounds great for me. Unfortunately, Kirk will still be in Japan. Please send me an e-mail at with the specifics.


  3. Amanda Lao says:

    Hi Risa,

    I found out about your website and blog through your sister Chika, whom I used to work with. I love Japanese food and want to thank you for so much great information! I have a travel question. I will be going to Taiwan in mid-July and plan on stopping in Japan for about 6 days on the way back to the states. Since I will be by myself for the Japanese portion of the trip, and as I speak no Japanese, I was wondering if you know of any services where I can hire a tour guide. I would like to go to Kyoto, and it sounds like it would be a more difficult city to navigate than Tokyo for someone who do not speak Japanese. If you have any recommendations I would greatly appreciate it!


  4. Risa says:

    Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for your post. I’ll e-mail you with a reply.