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Winter Menu

During the bone-chilling, frigid days of winter, I know exactly what to make for dinner: I load my ceramic nabe with dashi, add fish or chicken, tofu and lots of vegetables to make nabemono. While it simmers away, the house fills with steam while I chop up negi (green onions) for the ponzu dipping sauce. Nothing could be easier or more sustaining, as the main course, vegetables and starch (in this case, flavorful zosui, or rice porridge) are made in the same pot. This winter menu includes an easy recipe for nabemono that is easily adaptable for any main ingredient. No matter how miserably cold the weather is outside, these winter recipes will warm you through and through. Don't forget the hot sake!

Red and White Vinegared Salad


Hot Pot with Ponzu Sauce


Rice Porridge


Glutnious Rice Cakes filled with Red Bean Paste


Fugu nabe